Thursday, October 8, 2009

Vedanta Retreat in Rishikesh- Toom 'Shakti' our yoga teacher.

Inclusion of Yoga was a pleasant surprise for me. More so when I learnt that Toom was our yoga teacher! Toom is a Thai national with Indian/Thai/Persian lineage. Toom is her pet name, Thais usually are known more by their pet name. Her name is Prenun Nana. I had met Toom a few years ago when we attended an event 'womenifesto' at the invitation of Varsha, a very dear friend of ours! I learnt that Toom taught yoga, a surprise, when we met again recently in Chiangmai at Morakot's place. She had a pranayama session there which I missed. Hence I was quite curious to see what and how she taught yoga!

Toom and Varsha compering the womenifesto event.

The yoga and meditation hall was also a surprise. It was large and with mats and props we generally see at Iyengar yoga classes.

Toom was very conscientious as a teacher. She would be at the hall early, open the windows and arrange the place with carpets, mats and props!
I have chosen a picture where we do not look that awkward!
Morakot who was with us at the ashram told me that Toom liked the idea that a Thai was teaching Indians in India. (Some very 'stiff' Indians!) . Toom was very gentle and polite (She would say 'Sorry!') while she corrected our postures.

I believe she had chosen 'ToomShanti' on her email ID and Varsha suggested it should be 'ToomShakti!' and you can see why.

Ashutosh had to leave early and it is the Thai way of wishing a safe journey and bidding good bye!

It is not that she taught us Yoga just at the classes . She taught us by example even outside the classroom! Here is she at the river deep in contemplation. She would stand still for at least fifteen minutes in prayer!

I forgot to ask her what her prayer was!

We wish her well and pray that she becomes an important part of such festivals!


roopa said...

Toom has such a serene persona about her that am sure she must have been a good teacher.

srinidhi said...

Yes she was indeed a very good teacher!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful serene photographs. And Toom has the aura of being such a calm serene person - just what a Yoga teacher should be.

Varsha Nair said...

I am happy such lovely connections have formed with Toom. She is very special indeed..
And, Nidhi, I am so touched you found this old photo of the Womanifesto project launch, which was way back in 2003! Thank you for being so thoughtful and including it.

srinidhi said...

Hi Varsha
Including a picture of you and Toom was a natural reaction! Thoughts came later! Luckily I had the Photo on my Hard disc!
Glad to hear from you as always.

Tell Bobby I am playing golf once a week, with people in my age group and older and drive the longest!!