Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A unique temple visit in Malleswaram!

(I took pictures around Bangalore to chronicle the changes I perceive and I lost them due to virus! As I again see warnings of viruses hovering around my computer; here is one about my visit to a temple, before I loose the pictures again!)

Jayaram had arranged a Pooja in memory of his mother at the Krishna temple and as I waited for the Mahamangalarthi I noticed that in this small community temple the area around temple is covered to accommodate more people. This is true of the many temples I have seen recently! I suppose it is due to the increasing population.

More deities are also installed to meet the need for different gods for different purposes. Luckily we are not short in this respect.

Then all the donors and the office bearers are acknowledged for their work.
Even the smallest donor is acknowledged. Not clear how and where this steel cage is used. But someone donated it and his name is there for us to see!

The office bearers communicate in style!
I also see that there is renovation, additions and so on.
I guess this idol was covered to protect it from the construction dust!

As I absorbed all these changes I had this feeling of regret that the beauty of the place was lost in all these additions! I missed the tranquility I used to feel years ago. A pity!
Then I heard the Nadaswara and turned and I saw this man sitting in one corner and playing the most beautiful music. I had a feeling that I knew this person.

I felt happy to see that the man was not forgotten as the priests went to him and offered him the Theeratha and Prasad! I was told that the artist plays at the temple every day he is in town and has been doing it for years!
So there is still beauty (of sorts) in our temples!
Then Sunanda and Jayanthi walked up to speak to him. I joined them out of curiosity and understood why he was so familiar. Shri Ramdasappa has been playing at the Weddings and Munji of our families for many many years. More amazing was that he remembered my late uncle for his encouragement and his company 'Chamundi Construction' so well!


Arun said...

I really enjoyed seeing this mixture of awe, nostalgic regret and apprehension give way to delight, on this journey of yours!

srinidhi said...

Hi Arun

Your comment made me happy! You caught my mood and my feelings about our India so well !

VATSALA said...

Yes, even temples do change. The change is the product of devotees' egos.Some alterations are impromptu to cater to immediate needs e.g. rain sun etc.The additional deities are by persons who haven't absorbed Krishna's exhortion to focus on the Supreme Being!
Ramdas played at Jayashree's wedding and I had a chat with him when I was there last.