Saturday, July 3, 2010

Raji Narayan is back! This time with Art Mantram

Raji's back in London!
People who read my blog would know Raji and about her voluntary work with Dwaraka. She designed and developed many artistic products based on Kalamkari and helped hundreds of women artisans in Kalahasti to come out of debt.

(Raji at the Regent street festival, Indian Summer in London. )
She participated in an exhibition in London showcasing their work a few years ago.

Recently she was back in London again!
Now as the curator on behalf of Artmantram , participating in an exhibition at the Nehru Centre introducing paintings from well known and not so well known but very talented artists from Karnataka !

Raji welcoming the guests!

Arunabha and Meghana in the centre of the picture!
While it is a pity that I missed being there, it was fortunate that her daughter Meghana and son-in-law Arunabha were there to witness the event!

Raji obviously did not hear the photographer asking her to smile. Typically her mind would be busy with some important detail of the event!
( May be she was worried that the 200 samosa's they had ordered was not going to be enough:-).)

It is her nature to be behind the scenes taking care of many things that needs to be done and done well!

Introducing the paintings to the chief guest!

She told me that the event was a grand success and they sold a few paintings. One of the high lights of the event for her was meeting the great Indian artist M.F.Hussain!

To quote: Raji Narayan, curator of the Bangalore Festival of Art said, "This is the first time we are taking the event to London and also showcasing the paintings of well known artists and newer talent. It is a wonderful platform for the new artists to exhibit along with internationally known artists and reach out to a larger group of art connoisseurs."

You can see a more detailed account of the event with pictures on facebook.
The pictures in my blog are borrowed from Artmantram!


VATSALA said...

Nice set of pics. That must have been a good sojourn

Jayashree Mani said...

Thanks .. Uncle !
So good to read about Raji aunty's achievements