Monday, August 30, 2010

In fond memory of their mothers: Part One

(I am trying something new! Uploading a video is pretty simple, except the inconsistent Internet speeds are frustrating! Add to it the power cuts which happen when almost 90% of uploading is done. Also a blog allows only small clips to be uploaded. Playing it back is also painful with the Internet connection prevalent here!

My bigger challenge was to make small clips out of the full length DVD. My tech savvy childhood friend Narsimha helped, no big deal for the youngsters, but it felt good dealing with the system at my age! Hope you like it! Anyway it is meant for our music loving friends and relatives. As I started uploading I realised it is better to make it into two parts.)

Tara and Vatsala performed in a concert of Hindustani vocal music for a group of invited friends and relatives. The program was dedicated to their mothers' memory.

Here is part one which deals with Tara's portion the concert.

Tara with her mother; Padma Garudachar.

Raji Narayan as the emcee spoke very lovingly of amma.
A small piece of Raghuveera Gadyam, which illustrates the power of amma's voice and the clarity of her diction at her age of 78.
Raji spoke very affectionately about Tara and her accomplishments!

The clips give you an idea about the music. Too happy to make a copy of the full length DVD for anyone interested!

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prati said...

i heard all the clippings. it was great to hear padma manni's recital. tara's voice has nicely matured over the passage of time. keep up the good work nidhi, so that we can also enjoy such events and occasions from time to time even from afar. yes, please reserve one copy of the whole dvd for me -- will pick it up when i call on you next. did vatsala also sing with tara ? prasan.