Sunday, September 5, 2010

In fond memory of their mothers': Part Two

Part two begins with Bina (Indira Rao) speaking about her Grandmother Seetha Srirangachar. Followed by a small clip of her grand mother playing on the violin. Bina then introduces her mother, Vatsala Raghunath and Raghu (Lt. Gen Dr. D. Raghunath, Retd.) compliments his wife for keeping up with her music in spite of the constant moves due to his transfers.

Hope you enjoy the clips!
An old picture of Vatsala and her mother Sita.

Bina introduces her grand mother.

A clip of carnatic music on the violin played by Seetha Srirangachar

Bina talks of her mother very lovingly!

Raghu complimenting his wife:-)

Clips of Vatsala's concert

She concludes the concert in Raag Bhairavi


Kesari said...

I'm reminded of what my friend told me. Having no place to sit in the auditorium he was ushered to the very front of the dais where Parveen Sultana gave a concert. He said that it was the biggest mistake in his life as her high pitched and loud and powerful voice blew him away and left him with impaired hearing. :D
In sharp contrast to this are the melodious and soothing voices of the two 'lovely young ladies' whose concerts you have presented. Wonderful sur, taal and all in all a lovely and aesthetic presentation. Thanks for sharing.

Padmini Raju said...

Thank you for posting this tribute to mother's on your blog. It was a great pleasure to see my sister in law and brother. What a great tribute to mothers. Music by Vatsala and Tara was great and a pleasure to hear.
Reminds me of my mother who always appreciated Vatsala's talent and music.

Padmini ( Windsor Canada)

Ram Shaku said...

Superb recordings....thanks Nidhi for sharing them with us...wish you had the entire concert taped on the blog...please convey our appreciation to Vatsala and in no small measure to Raghu for encouraging Vatsala to continue her musical talents....this of course goes for you just as well and one last word......
Please ask Tara and Vatsala to hold atleast a few future concerts in December
January time period when folks like us can get the chance of attending live.
Ram Shaku

Prasan said...

Lovely music and thanks. Felt I was there at the concert. Prasan

VATSALA said...

Thanks Nidhi. A good job