Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A different kind of leak.- Richie Leak

Bachi Karkaria
01 December 2010, 09:04 PM IST

'No, Milord, taking a leak cannot

become a public inconvenience.'

"Of course, everyone 'exposed' has good reason to be pissed off by the leaks. On Indian streets, every man and dog may demonstrate that ' Walldom is my squirt-right, and I shall use it.', but in more sophisticated spheres, this biological imperative is strictly personal business."

Bachi is actually referring to an entirely different kind of leak in her article linked below! But there is an odd connection with what I saw recently in a 5 star hotel . Have a look!

I saw this door and my hosts said 'Go in and check it out!'

What I saw behind the door and for a moment it confused me.

Later I hesitated using it until urgency overtook my reluctance. Any way it was dark and there was no one walking around. At least I could not see them. Even then I found it distracting! I wondered how it would feel during daylight.

While I do see men using the wall it is more because they are in a desperate hurry or they may not have that rupee which is charged at some urinals. Anyway I notice that most look furtive and embarrassed as they turn away from the wall. But they surely do not survey the world as they take a leak. I think this toilet reeks of sheer arrogance!

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VATSALA said...

However sophisticated it caters to the primaeval instincts! Shows instincts will come through