Friday, January 21, 2011

It was easy!

It was one of those days when I was at a loss about what to do! In addition there was a bundh in Karnataka and our plans were disrupted. In fact, it was the right day to travel as the traffic was very thin and we had work right across the city, but I chose to be cautious. We never know. Very frustrating.

Anyway it was time to shower and as I looked at myself in the mirror I was shocked as my beard seemed to be missing. Surprised, I switched on the light and saw just a shadow of my beard. I cursed myself for letting the barber trim my beard with a machine. No wonder Tara had said yesterday that I was looking neat! Normally she does not register my haircuts, a dividend for being bald.

Actually I grew my beard inadvertently years ago when I could not shave due to herpes, probably shingles is a better word. As managing a full beard seemed arduous at that time, I tried a goatee and continued with it.

I almost took it off when it turned white and someone said that I could look like Amitabh if I dyed my hair on top. (I was almost bald!). Why would I imitate an actor who is even younger than me? Anyway Dev Anand was our hero.

I guess the time had come for me to change my image. I forgot to take my scissors to Pune and my beard became unruly and unkempt and it was too boring to work on it myself and surrendered it to a barber. I also noticed that my grand children were no more interested in touching my beard. They had passed the age of being intrigued by it.

In fact, while in Pune, I had asked Leela if she liked my beard and whether I should keep it. Her first reaction was 'You can take it off!', but being the diplomat she is, she said: 'If you want you can keep it'.

So as I looked myself critically with the shadow of a beard on my visage I decided to take it off. It was easy as not much was left in any case.

I can barely look at myself in the mirror. I guess it will be a while before I get used to my new image!


Mota Pota said...

Advani in the making?

sandhya said...

Hey Nidhi, the angle in which you've taken the first of the photos surely could qualify you for a role of Mahatma Gandhi ;)Its been a long time since we saw you without the are looking so cute hehehe!!

prati said...

hey, when tara said you were looking "neat", she still was not registering your haircut ! she was registering your "goatee beard" cut ! i thought kids always loved the feel of a bald pate than a beard !! Any comment ?

srinidhi said...

Imitation Amitabh to imitation Advani and a possible Gandhi! I would rather be myself.
Prasan now that you are living in the US, did you mean 'babes'?

srinidhi said...

A conversation on FB:

Nidhi Uncle, you do look "trim" without a goatee...:-) Tara Auntie is right! :-P

Doreswamy Srinidhi
Thanks Vivek, I feel better already!

Tara Srinidhi
Hi Vivek. Glad you agreed with me!

Rohini Shrinidhi
my vote is for the goatee!

Prakash Kamath said...


Just as when we had got used to seeing you with a 'goatee' you have surprised us with a new look. If you wanted to get rid of the 'goatee' why retain the moustache??

Anyway you look much younger and your morning shaving routine will be a lot faster I suppose.


la said...

hi uncle...i think u look good with or without the beard:)
but nice blog!

srinidhi said...

Hi Prakash
You did take time to get used to... I have been sporting this foliage for over 15 years:-)
Actually I am spending more time Shaving now!
Hi Priya
That is the right perspective. Thanks :-)I