Monday, August 1, 2011

OVER WATER: A place of many possibilities

We drove to this place last Saturday. The last stretch was winding and as we approached the place our first view was of a nice small cottage on the waterfront.
As we walked closer ..
..The view was breathtaking! 
Over Water is a private ‘get–away’ conceived by Arathi Parigi, 
an architect and a story teller.  
 Rohini created the Logo and designed the website, her first project as a graphic designer in India. 

As I walked around the structure I was impressed with its simplicity. It is just one room with a balcony!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

The chairs encourage you to take a walk after a cup of tea!
Some  expected views and ....some unexpected ones.

A place to contemplate
or you could go boating

....below the deck is a pure delight!    
A glimpse of the architect..Shabbir Unwala who was visiting.

We did not stay as we were a group of 5 adults, a teenager and 4 kids. But we had a great time, the excellent lunch made by the caretakers and reluctantly headed back home with a promise to return again.                    

Under the room when it rained..  
Kids having fun on the mezzanine


Arathi Parigi said...

Thank you. I am so happy that I could experience that day with you and especially the photographs of Rohini looking at the horizon and Shabbir's ..

srinidhi said...

It was our pleasure and we missed you!

LEELA said...

I like the pictures and the writing. I was part of it and I had great fun. Every thing was good and beautiful.
We saw an eagle swooping down and catching a fish.
We played soccer with Shashank and Dad. Me and Ananth found crystal rocks. Anu and Rhea ran around.

OverWater is such a good place to visit and run around all day!

Indira Pallinti said...

We had an awesome time. I don't know you Arathi, but congratulations on a great place. Thanks for letting us visit. Ro, thanks for taking us along. We had a fabulous time. Uncle, great job on the pictures as usual.

srinidhi said...

Thanks Indira. Good you could make it with the kids. Missed Dhanju though.
We were lucky with the weather as the next day it rained practically all day.

Jayashree Mani said...

Its seems so serene.. seems like you all had a good time there;
congratulations to Rohini for some fine work!!

Sethu Belur said...

Nice.... And in the backyard of Pune!


Ram Prasad said...

Thank you Tara/ Nidhi
What a wonderful place for peace and tranquility
Loved the web site Rohini designed and the photos are stunning
Really conveys the meditative mood inherent in this idyllic Over water house.

Actually it reminds me of another house built over the Puget Sound looking West
designed by a Swedish Architect (Richard Lindstrom); my dear friend and colleague for himself and his wife.

It won a National AIA award in 1979 for it's thoughtful design simplicity melding with nature using contemporary
Northwest wood frame architectural style. It is nestled at the edge of a forest on one side and at the edge of waters of the Sound on the other. Shaku and I had a great evening dinner at this house with the Lindstroms...

Shibani Amin Rangaraj said...

Hi Uncle,
Looks like a lovely place with awesome views........Shabbir's work is always so nice- seen some of it in Khandala with my friend Gayatri who works with Shabbir.

gopal.murthy said...

Hi Rohini,

Simply fantastic! Shashank said he had a lovely weekend with all of you. It shows!!


SriHari said...

What a place?
Wish we had something like that close by.
No wonder you are sacrificing golf to being in Pune.

Maya Gopinadh said...

The pictures were lovely. What a wonderful concept! All of you must have had an amazing time in Arathi's OverWater getaway.