Monday, May 19, 2014

Taking your mind off the challenges the country faces.

 I am sure that many knew that I was hard of hearing! Today it will be said that I am '----(?)' challenged!  But as I am also known to switch off, I guess they give me the benefit of doubt! In fact.I have no real problem when I have one to one conversation. Unless of course, they talk too softly, lisp and walk around like a Shakespearean actor as they talk. Most accents: Yankee, cockney and so on bother me. But I have no problem when Europeans speak English!

Take for instance, the chap who tells us a long winded joke suddenly drops his voice, no idea why, and I miss the punch line and look stupid while others break into a guffaw. While I get irritated with the guy not speaking clearly, I do not let it bother me as in any case I do not remember the jokes the next day!

Anyway, while the writing was on the wall, like the CWC, I chose to ignore the reality. But as the dear wife, when I do not respond quickly, keeps rising her voice for no reason, and as she does not buy my argument that I was deeply introspecting or that people do not make an attempt to talk clearly. I gave up and fixed an appointment with an ENT centre.

It was interesting that the clinic was on the street where I grew up and did not recognise any thing on the street. Speak about a sentimental journey. Anyway to cut the story short, I was tested and it was explained very well, that I had a age related senso-neural problem and was offered a hearing aid on trial.

The cost shocked me! It was expensive! The reason given was that it was not going to be visible. I could not buy that argument. If I paid that kind of money, I would like it to be seen, like the diamond studs, I see on many men's ears.

I asked for time to decide. I think I will choose an aid which is very visible and obvious. I have a feeling that once people see that my hearing is challenged, thank god for politically correct words, they will automatically raise their voice. In which case I hope I can switch off the aid and save its battery life and hopefully the unit will also last longer.

As we live in a corner building, I am also worried about the traffic noise,  which as it is unbearable. Hopefully my argument that I cannot bear the noise may scuttle the project altogether and I will be left alone and in peace.


Ramski said...

Funny my only good ear is suddenly blocked !

Raghunath said...

Saw your blog on hearing aid. How does it fit with the CWC meeting. In any case the meeting went on as predicted and the one person who spoke sense post-election was sidelined since he did not belong to the family - Kamal Nath.
With defeated (in the polls and in the mind) old people around that is what was expected. An Indira Gandhi replica who can create another Congress (I or J) is needed.

srinidhi said...

No real connection, but the idea was to take your mind off the situation.

Or I could say, same attitude in not facing realities!

Hari Gopalan said...

Ever since you moved back to India your rambling has increased several notches. I guess India makes you do things beyond your control.

N L Sriram said...

Yes, visibility of the device is important, it is not apparent that many people are on the phone even with the Bluetooth ear buds, so they are advised to carry the phone in their hands!

N K Ramdas said...

Good Ramblings Nidhi.
Some one has said something about the need of the hour. Actually Congress (gc) or gone case has been created.

P.Varadarajan (Varad) said...

Nidhi, I completely agree with you that if you pay through the nose or for that matter ear, you should flaunt what you bought....but wonder what one should do if one bought expensive undergarments - any advice??


rajini said...

Good one AND get one Nidhi...AD (aache din) aane wale hain !!