Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Rajini creates another Magik as her daughter Varsha marries Kartheek!

We had the privilege of attending Varsha and Kartheek's wedding in Goa. We know Rajini as the mentor of a wonderful music group 'Desi Magik' and a the sister of a very dear friend and she is now our friend. The wedding a visual delight in addition to being traditional with dance and music. Tara aptly said 'It was not just a grand wedding but also a culturally rich experience; traditional arts took on new beautiful images.

The setting of the mantap was breathtaking, the rituals were appealing and the explanations had a touch of humor! Tara added sanctity by chanting Sanskrit mantras from sacred texts as the married couple walked down the steps of the well decorated mantap to receive the blessings of the congregation'

I quote this from the times of Mahabharata:
 'Surrounded by beautiful buildings, entrances were decorated with flowers and the grounds were well carpeted and with incense burning at many locations. Music was played all over. chairs and cots were covered with sheer white fabrics for the convenience of the royal guests. The exquisite scents used; spread for many yojanas! They were entertained by actors and dancers. The bride had a ritual bath, was dressed in a grand sari and was adorned with beautiful jewelry and walked in with a specially decorated golden kalasha.  The music stopped and the crowd went silent.....

The pictures will now take over from Maharishi Vyasa for you to savor the special moments.
(One can scroll down the blog or click on one of the pictures and then can just see the album in its original size. Or can do both! Read first and then see the album :-)) 

Before I do that, Tara and I would like to compliment Rajini for organizing this amazing event almost single-handedly. Truly a great achievement.  I also asked her if she wanted to add a few words. 

Here is what she said:
 'I just wanted to thank all the Koneru family, my family and all friends present for being with us and making the atmosphere of the wedding party so warm and cozy. Special thanks to Varsha and Kartheek's friends who traveled a long way to come to Goa. It was indeed the Magik of the presence of each one you who took out valuable   time to be with me on this auspicious occasion. Thank you so much!' 


"Love Honor Cherish"

 "To get the full value of joy, you must have someone to divide it with..Mark Twain"

The couple step down to receive the blessings of the congregation as Tara chanted sacred Sanskrit mantras.

If you wonder why Viji and Khalid are looking special, it was also 
the day when Viji became a senior citizen. Wish her all the best and continued enthusiasm in all things she does!


Actually the fun began the EVENING we landed! The event began with "Make a stroke for Varsha and Kartheek" where all the guests were requested to make just one brush stroke on a canvas sized 36 inches by 36 inches and after about 120 guests had put a stroke on it,  an artist put the finishing touches and created an image of Lord Ganesha . This served as a wedding gift from all present! Later there was dance, sangeet, cultural shows and even a booth for painting portraits.

The cultural show was significant as we saw Kerala folk art with its vibrant colors. It began with the dramatic makeup. A very expressive Peacock dance which was showcased and Theyam or God himself is believed to be present to bestow blessings on the couple. The Kathakalli dancers from Kalamandalam performed the nava (9) rasas depicting the emotions present in a human being. A large and beautiful Rangoli was created at the entrance using natural edible ingredients like rice flour and methi seeds.

The loving gift by all those who attended the wedding!

The rangoli at the entrance was specially made out of edibles like rice flour and methi.

The evening was again a time for relaxing with friends and relatives. Making new friends and exchanging contact details.

The sculptor and sand artist Raghavendra Hegde, a national award winner, crafted a poignant story of Varsha and Kartheek using simple and natural means of spraying sand and creating yet another Magik.
Varsha and Kartheek turned budding artists by spraying on yet another canvas and magikally the pictures of their pet  cocker spaniels,' Milo and Peaches' emerged.



rajini said...

Nidhi this is your magik and a life time of memories for us! Thank you so much!

Viji Khalid said...

beautiful blog and lovely pics

Khalid said...

Great blog! Lovely pictures too, some of them just stunning!! And there was even one picture of Nidhi!! Cheers, Khalid

Viji Hashim said...

as usual so well written and documented.
Well done Nidhi...keep going!!

waiting for the aditi blog now!! viji

Ram Prasad said...

Great photography
and what an experience it must have been being there in person.

Thanks for sharing these.

Swati said...

Great blog Nidhi Uncle, it transported us right back to Goa!

All the best, Swati

Varsha said...

Such a wonderful post-- thank you so much for sharing in the celebration in Goa, and for documenting it so wonderfully on your blog!