Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thank god for the 'Micro' Lalbaghs.

After a couple of days of walking on the Railway parallel road, we decided to try the 'Kumara park' park. While it looked small from the outside we found that it could be enjoyable, if you did not mind going round and round. Luckily the paths are level and clean, no side stepping dog shit as on the R P Road or being watchful for errant cars and scooters and the various types of footpaths. Most importantly it was pretty, reminiscent of Lalbagh and surely a more sensible way of getting our exercise!

Notice the small cottage in the center? That is the quarters for the gardner. He has probaly one of the best locations in K P West with an open access to the garden!

One would not object to Hon. Chief Minister Mayavati's statues if they were attached to parks like these!
Pray that all the gods represented in the poster bless the park and us.
Full marks to the very vigilant Kumara Park West Residents Welfare Association for taking pains to make this area more livable.

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Dolly said...

u going to need all the energy u got to settle back in...writting sure helps...