Saturday, July 4, 2009

A very sound advice!

Today the weather was just glorious! As I had planned to meet Col Murthy at Malleswaram in the morning, I thought let me walk up to his place. This is a walk I could probably do blindfolded 55+ years ago and without thinking about the alternatives! Not that I had many, I could go on my bicycle or a take a bus (a no-no!).

It was not too bad until I reached the main road connecting to the linking road excepting that the two wheelers were riding on the wrong side of the road and practically aiming at me! It was a bit puzzling as there was not much traffic on this cross road. Heavy traffic is the time when two wheelers go berserk and weave thru' the traffic as if possessed and tempt fate. As I walked down it became clear to me. The other side of the road was full of pot holes and added to that was a speed bump across the road. For some reason the speed bump is designed with a gap at one end of the road and the very clever two wheeler riders take advantage of this design. Who can blame them as I guess that they would be already late for whatever they intended to do and they need to speed up no matter what!

It was something else when I reached the main road, while the rains are still elusive, the torrent of traffic was relentless and non stop. I saw a slip of a girl somehow weave thru this (I saw one car driver who was taken unawares by her shouting at her!) and I felt tempted to imitate her as I saw no hopes the traffic yielding to a pedestrian. Very sensibly a slightly younger person waiting patiently along with me, restrained me with these words in kannada 'Why be hasty, 2 or 3 minutes wait is not that long!'

He was right, not that the traffic stopped for us, but got a little lighter so that we could take a more reasonable risk while crossing over to the other side. I saw no change in the traffic flow and realised that it is better and safer to take ride in an auto did exactly that!

A pity as the weather really wonderful for a walk! I am now looking forward to my next weeks golf where it is not as crowded and I do get to walk reasonably safe except on hole no 1. (That is another story!)


Ferrites said...

Hi Nidhi,

welcome to the real world - Namma Bengaluru.


Aditi said...

Hi Uncle!
I feel your pain--when I was in Bangalore, I would try to walk an extra 15 minutes just to reach a pedestrian crossing sign!Everyone found that ridiculous and would eventually drag me across the street with them!
Hope everything else is going well,

Kaveri Gopal said...

Hi Uncle,

Glad you have started enjoying the pleasures of being back in India, but guess what, nothing like being back home.

Gopal K.

srinidhi said...

(Note: Adding Sriram's comment! Could not figure out how to add his comment in his name!)

Walking in Bangalore, particularly in the older localities with very narrow roads is extremely hazardous. Crossing the one way roads is next to impossible, with non-stop vehicular traffic. Footpaths are pretty much non-existent, and are always dug up for something or other year round, so are worse than roads. Rangappa and Kittappa are still managing somehow, but I get really concerned after my visits to their places.

Rickshaws are not the perfect solution either, with their tubular metal frames and rickety seats. Getting stuck in them during rains is terrible. A relative suffered a serious head injury after hitting it against the frame when the rickshaw went over a pot hole.


srinidhi said...

(Marisa has figured it out!)
Just did it and it worked....I had to go and register with one of the URL's first and then it connected it to my Yahoo account.....quite complex.

Hi Nidhi,
I can't seem to post my comments on line, so just wanted to let you know that your anectode on the gas cylinder was hilarious and frustrating also. Just goes to show how we have to adjust all the time in our lives wherever we go and with people around us.
Hope you both have settled down. Love to Tara.

Varsha Nair said...

Nidhi, A recent poll concluded that people in India (and China) were happier 20 years ago. Certainly, roads were more pedestrian friendly... Can you imagine what will happen when Nanos hit the road in a big way??
My memory of walking in Cubbon park is still a fond one, though walking to get to Cubbon park was quite an ordeal.
Pouring your heart out in the blogs is a great way to settle down home again ;-)


Prakash said...


Thanks for your hilarious episodes in settling (or is it re-settling) down in Namma Bengaluru.