Thursday, August 6, 2009

A delightful diversion - we went to Hyder(Cyber)abad!

Raxit, Nandini, Neil and Nikhil reached Hyderabad on the 12th of July and we were there with them on the 15th! Idea was to spend as much time as possible with them before Tara starts her school. Also Tara's mother-hen instincts prompted her to be there to help Nandini settle down in India!

Not really much to do as they were staying at the company guest house with a whole retinue of people to take care of them! Tara did manage to penetrate the kitchen to give some guidelines to the cook and also select the menu for the day. I must acknowledge she did cook upama for me, my favourite, a couple of times.

The apartment complex 'Jayabheri Silicon County' (what else!) is nice and we had a good time especially with the grand children !

That is Neil acting friendly at the clubhouse. It has a very nice swimming pool and I did swim a few times! We can see the apartment complex behind the clubhouse.

Typically, the kids innovate and manage to play cricket! They lost a couple of tennis balls and one went into the balcony of an apartment and too sad, they could not retrieve the ball. Luckily no broken window glasses while we were there. There is a basket ball court at the basement, it is very dark and unsafe to let kids play by themselves.
Cricket was permitted but no soccer! This does not happen at Rishi court in Bangkok! Rikhi permits kids to play soccer in the garden. Why he even let me practice golf. Only chips !

Tara the coach!
This I am told is very typical of Hyderabad! I was a bit surprised to see it in Cyberbad as I climbed down the stairs at the apartment.

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Arun said...

Hello after a long time!
Great to hear about your Further Travels in Hindustan and also to see Tara's Mother Hen instinct's extending well beyond the kitchen-and-house to a very active role as Coach!... I wonder of course, if the portion of The Great Wall of India you have shown, might actually add up with other varied sections to a much greater length than the One in China!