Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hyderabad: a charming visit.

We went out to see Hyderabad and stopped at Charminar. Well it is a charming monument. It is simple, not too large and is worth a visit.

We hired a guide, Nandini thought it may be interesting for the kids to learn more about Indian monuments. The guide was good and was full of information.
It appears there is a tunnel below this fountain and one could go to Golconda fort from here!
Pity the tunnel is no more functional as it has caved in at many sections along the way! Neil and Nikhil would have had fun walking through it!
Places of worship are located perpendicular to each other in one corner of the massive column.
An impressive column and an equally impressive beard!

Within the column are the steep winding stairs designed to stop enemies from coming up. They could easily be killed according to the guide! As we climbed the very steep 52 steps (Tara counted) I thought even friends with a weak heart would die!

The guide pointed out this window to show us how solid the walls are.

I was amazed to see that Leela did this. She spelt her name wrong though. It is OK as she is just five. I wonder why Rohini did not correct her spelling!

I know that Rikhi and Seema have been to Tirupathi, but they forgot to mention their side trip to Hyderabad! Obviously!

Et tu Vivek! What have you written in Tamil pray!
Ramya swears that she has not been to Hyderabad yet! A mystery or we can blame it on Ramesh!

Nandini seems to have picked up Telugu pretty quick!

Spitting is also an art form!


The second largest mosque in India as per our guide.

where 10,000 worshippers can pray at a time.


rohini said...

nice pictures!

Godha said...

Nice Pictures and I enjoy visiting Hyderabad!

roopa said...

Thanks to you we have also visited Hyderabad!