Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ananya and I walked to the playground next to the Kumarapark micropark

Last Sunday Ananya came with her parents for a visit. A little older than my granddaughter Leela, she is all of 7 years! She actually loves to read but I suggested we take a walk to the playground next to the micropark as it would be fun! As we walked to the playground I asked her if she liked India. She said yes! You can also see that in the neat pictures she has taken with her camera.

As we walked back from the playground Ananya said she had fun in the park but I was a bit worried while we were in the playground! You will soon understand why!

Ananya walked past the See-Saw as she was alone and no one was playing. Obviously no one could play as the seats are damaged!

She then tried this merry-go-round and I stopped her when I found that it was wobbling. In fact, one of the parents came to warn me that it was dangerous to play on it.

The slide, could be as old as me, was definitely a no-no.

She then joined some other kids and had a great time!

She tried the parallel bar all by herself!

I was relieved that she opted not to go on the swing. There was a puddle below.
Ananya took this picture of a playground near her grandparents home. Seems to be in a better shape or possibly it is closed for children! Anyway it will not last long as it looks very flimsy.
If you comment on the shabby state 0f our playgrounds, the answer given is that some children play too rough! I would have agreed earlier, but not any more. I have seen very good playgrounds in the west where even bigger kids play. Our children deserve better designed equipment and it is a shame we cheat them! We seem to be incapable of designing good playground equipments. May be we should import them from China. Better than importing idols of gods!
Below are some pictures which Ananya took and the reason she loves India!

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