Monday, September 7, 2009

Why is a stamp paper so critical?

I remember as a kid I often heard elders exclaiming 'Naanu Maathu Kotte'. (I have given my word!). Promises were not made easily then and once made it was sacrosanct. Recently I had to give my word to the GOI and it involved not just my word as I had to give it in writing! Not on any paper, I had to give it in writing (actually it was typed!) on a stamp paper and it was then signed and stamped (we called it a chop in Thailand) by a Public Notary. As I was new to this, I admit that I hired an agent, who introduced me to a (petty) lawyer, who in turn obtained the signature and the chop from a govt. approved public notary. It was not at all that difficult once we had the stamp paper and the agent appeared from nowhere as soon as we had bought the stamp paper. The tough part was the buying the stamp paper!

No, this was not for my Ration Card. I was actually making an affidavit to be submitted to the police along with many other papers by Shakku. She as an American citizen needs to go through a process of registration as a foreign national and I as an Indian National have promised to take care of her bills during the duration of her stay here in India! (The official language is different!)
The spin off was that I learnt how to buy a stamp paper and get it notarised. This experience will surely help me when I approach the FCS in the near future for my RC .

The queue was long and was still building as we approached the rear of the issuing Bank. We almost gave up, but could not afford to, as Shakku needed the affidavit to process the application within the week! We were worried as to whether the issuing window would close before we got there. A person next to us, obviously experienced, assured us that once a challan is issued the stamp paper would surely be sold to us.
We then asked 'where do we get the challan'. He said 'Just stand in the queue and someone will come and give you the challan'. We heaved a sigh of relief as soon we were given the challan! I liked the system, no rushing from one line to another.
Shakku then realised that she had forgotten to carry a pen and she had to borrow it from some one in the queue! She was lucky as not many are willing to loan a pen. The lesson I have learnt is never to leave home without a pen and coins if you hire an auto rickshaw. Earlier, I remember we had to take along (gund)pins as well. I now carry a stapler in case I have work at govt. agencies!

I suppose I should rush with my own RC project as stamp papers go out of stock often! This notice warns us that it may go out of stock very soon!

Not always true as the branches often go out of stock. Strange that some branches specialise only in one denomination! As we were waiting there was confusion as some windows went out of Rs100 stamp paper. No stampede or commotion thank god!
This has no connection to the present story. I was reminded of my trip to FCS where I was not permitted to use the elevator! This is other end of the spectrum, where a department store discriminates against its own staff!

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