Sunday, February 28, 2010

Finally a gas cylinder in my own name! Jai Ho India!

I guess that I just got lucky! Perhaps I became smarter and kept it simple. I decided to keep my present address the same as in my passport! This was easy as my sister is now staying at the apartment. Then I located the Food and civils supplies office in that locality. My first brush with the office was not too friendly and there were scores of people waiting! I almost gave up!

A few days later I was near the place and went in again on an impulse, was lucky to meet an official who was helpful! He advised me get my Election ID done from a nearby office and submit this and a copy of the latest house tax receipt as proof of my residence and relationship.

Getting the EID turned out to be a breeze. Again people were cooperative, checked my application and asked me to go again after 10 days.

I was there after 15 days, to give them some margin of time! I met a young girl with a computer and she asked me to verify that my details were keyed in correctly and directed me to another room. Not many people there. Soon I was photographed, finger printed by a very young guy again with a computer and before I could say Jai Ho another youngster at the next table called out to me and gave me my card! Sweetest of all was that there was no charge!

Armed with this getting a RC was easy. Only there were a lot of people in the office, whose apperance said that they were really in need of the subsidised rations. I submitted my application and was asked to go back with Tara after ten days. Two weeks later, I went in to check without Tara early in the morning. Good decision as a lot of people came in later.

I was told that my application was approved! When I told them that Tara was busy and was not with me, they said no problem, you can get your RC processed and add her picture later at an additional charge of Rs. 45. Here again the system was similar and I was given my RC within 15 minutes of my being photographed and finger printed! My RC says clearly it is meant only for a gas connection. It cost me Rs 45, a pity no subsidised ration:-(

My next step was back to the authorised agent. The girl had a look at my RC and remarked that there is no proof of relationship in the RC! My heart sank again as I had no clue why it was not there and what to do now! Anyway she was willing to accept my Driving License which had my father's name as the proof of my relationship. She again listed out the things she needed to make a change. An affadavit by me and an indemnity bond certified by a notary, copies of death certificates of my parents, a copy of DL.

As I walked down, I literally stumbled upon a photociopier ( The pavement was bad!) and thought let me get the RC copied and discovered they would take care of everything for me for a fee. Of course I had the stamp papers with me, I had bought them six months ago! It was done in a few hours!

This morning I was at the agent again and you can see the result of my persistent efforts below: A very precious thing I inherited from my parents. Thanks to Srilatha for keeping it safe all these years!

Please pray for me now that there is no shortage of gas!


Varsha Nair said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Photographed and finger-printed but hey, now you have a gas cylinder - wow. Somethings dont change, but they are computerised. Impressive.


R Narsimhan said...

Hi, As you said "Jai Ho" Bye,Narasimha

N.L. said...

This should establish your bonafides as a "true Indian" and wipe out all the associations of your extended stay in Bangkok - somewhat similar to the "praayaschitta" ceremonies of yore for Brahmins who had crossed the sea to go abroad!

prati said...

Election card, ration card, gas connection --- what next ?
Do you have a senior citizen card for travel on Indian Airlines ?!!

Jayashree Mani said...

Congratulations Uncle.. no small feat!
You have to add Aunty's photo there .. you look lonely on the card !
Saw your pictures on Nandini's page on Face book : you look good:)


Rikhi said...

Dear Srinidhi

great news. persistence works.

best regards

sandhya said...

you cannot even begin to imagine how smart we think you are....I've been In Bangalore for 20 years and dont have a gas connection of my own as yet......always thought it would be a difficult and cumbersome procedure. Congratulations!! am very motivated to get one done for myself :)

Prakash said...


You have shown all of us a new aspect of your character which you had very successfully hidden from us, during all the years that you were in Bangkok. I salute you!! Jai Ho!!


Vivek said... I told someone the other day...for all the 27 years I lived in India, I never (had to) pay a bribe to get things done...driving licence, passport, marriage certificate, birth certificate copies, etc. etc. It is possible, but needs oodles of patience...well done, uncle!

srinidhi said...

Thanks for all the nice comments and congratulations!
I also wanted to test out the system as an 'Aam Aadmi!'
Vivek is right, you can do it! There is no need to bribe! I did use an agent for the affidavit though. But he took care of all the typing and running around!