Friday, February 5, 2010

What can a pedestrian do!

This is next to our house! I am forced to walk on the road! No other choice!
These car owners are lucky! The pavement is just the right width!
This car owner is very civic minded. He lets 'One' pedestrian pass!
This is even better. A well made pavement as well!
I sympathise with this car owner, he obviously has no garage space! What can one do!
This scene is typical. A pedestrian has to brave the traffic all the time! I was a bit surprised as the parked car was a Mercedes benz. One would expect that a benz owner would have a proper garage!
I do not react anymore to kids on scooter without helmets!
This is understandable. We all need the milk booth to be at a convenient spot! Where else but on the footpath!

Again a considerate car owner!
We also need space for services like this one!

These pictures were taken within 500 meters of our house! This is how it is all over Bengaluru. More and more cars! Many localities like Kumara Park west, a middle class locality, were not planned with cars in mind!

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sandhya said...

I see as much if not more of all this....this post isw more to see if I know how to leave a comment post our conversation at Raji's home.