Sunday, March 21, 2010

I will be voting after so many years (45?) in Bengaluru BBMP elections.

(Courtsey TOI)
I was woken up from my afternoon snooze by a campaigners this afternoon. They did not come to our house with folded hands. It was the loud speakers mounted on a moving auto that woke me up! I could not hear them clearly due to the traffic noise and the honking! At the moment the weather is hotter than the campaign and as I am registered in Malleswaram, I hope no one will come knocking on our door!

The election is overdue by four years and honestly I have not really understood why. Frankly I did not try! But I know the higher courts were pushing for it and while the state governament was dragging its feet. 'It was exam time' they objected! There were the usual reports about mess in the voters list, reservation of seats and so on.

I see all the ingredients of politics is in place. Anti-social elements are in fray! A hooch queen and many history-sheeters or their wives are contesting. They are even expected to win!

Some are complaining about the costs they have already incurred! I expect that they will make it up, if elected or get bought over! “I had to give money to a few local Kannada organizations for Kannada Rajyotsava. This being the pilgrimage season to Sabarimala, there is intense demand from people in my ward to arrange vehicles. Women who want to visit Goddess Adi Parashakti in Tamil Nadu are asking me to arrange buses. Paying money to keep voters in good humour is costing me a bomb.’’ (Anil Kumar M, TNN, Dec 16, 2009)

Many contestents have declared assets which appear respectable for corporation candidates! Estimates for election expenses are Rs.2 crores per candidate while the legal limit is Rs. 5 lacs! So big money is being spent and we know where it is going to be used. It will surely be used for buying votes from vote banks!

I guess that voters in Apartment complexes where for security reasons party workers are not permitted will have no share in this :-).

Many socially concious workers are in the fray with the support of Resident Welfare Associations, independent of polictical parties. It is heartening to see that my old school mate, N. S. Ramakanth, very active in our RWA, is contesting from our area. I Wish him all the luck. We need people like him as corporators. More about him later!

I hope with my vote a conscentious corporator gets elected! I am ready to go with folded hands to meet, if he or she can assure me that the underground pedestrian crossing which is ready but is kept locked is opened! At least on weekends, when I need to cross Sampige Road at the 5th cross junction!

I would go into raptures about them if they are able to restart the swimming pool in Sheshadripuram. I learnt that all the piping and equipment were stolen and it is now in ruins. A pity as it was not even there when I was a kid!

(Looks too small, I hope when they do it up again, they are able to enlarge it! It should be possible with all the big money that is floating around!)

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VATSALA said...

Have you got a voter i.d.? I hope this experience stimulates you to enter politics! It is a great profession that most of us gave a short shrift.