Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just did it! I voted!

The papers have been full of BBMP election news! Yesterdays TOI urged us to vote with a headline 'It is your chance to make a difference'. Surely a lot of hype!

Today's paper said: 'Bangalore fails to make its mark again'. They were complaining about the poor turnout. Especially from the rich and the educated! I believe I did my bit and wrote to TOI!
Srinidhi Bengaluru 29/03/2010 at 08:45 am
I did make a mark! The bored booth official could not find my name on the list. He said he was not familiar with the area! Finally took the help of the candidates' reps. Walked around many tables and finally one of them helped and I voted. Good to be back after many years! An educated sr.citizen!

In any case a mark on my right finger!

I almost gave up when I discovered that my name was not on the voters list. This meant that I would not be allowed to vote and it would be a futile trip to the voting booth. But I chose to go anyhow and see how they would deal with my case. I am glad I persisted as we finally located my name on the list but there was no photograph! I thought 'Oh no! they will not permit me to vote', but luckily I was permitted to vote and I did!

I am told that I could have sold my election ID card for Rs. 500.

Some intriguing stats published in TOI:
Moola spent in 2009 on the city was Rs. 2438.21 crores! Big compared to Rs 310 crores spent in the year 2003 -04. Outlay for the current year Rs 6700 crore! Huge! No wonder people contest and money is being spent in buying votes!

Rather frightening were the estimates for number of Hyper-sensitive (1032) and Sensitive booths (1534) out of the total 6598 booths. I suppose this meant trouble in 39 percent of the booths! A reflection of the true nature of our democracy! Luckily the polling was by and large peaceful as per the reports. I guess the security men did a good job and were able to curb violence and other acts of undemocratic behavior!

My only disappointment was that I did not make it to the papers like some of the ministers and other significant citizens of Bengaluru!

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