Friday, May 14, 2010

An interview worth watching!

Our dear friend Marisa from Bangkok gave me a link to this video interview. She titled it

(Kelabamanhash) The Best Interview In The World... Must Watch!!!


You MUST, I repeat, MUST, watch the video link below.

This gentleman is probably

the new hope for mankind. Watch it and be amazed

at the pure wisdom of his philosophy and

how open and liberal his thoughts are.

Unfortunately, such wise

people are hard

to find in this world.

Regardless of what religion

you profess, Islam,

Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism etc, if all of us

have such wisdom and

intellect as this gentleman,

the world is surely

a heavenly place to live-

-for all mankind!!!

Please circulate to all your friends, Christians,

Muslims, Buddhists,

Hindus and even the free thinkers.

Let there be peace in this

world, we are all children

of God!!!!


Please watch to the end

of this clip. Can we believe

such a tone in the Arabic thinking

... I hope so...



The video calls for a serious discussion on the many points raised by the interviewee!
The one that set me thinking was when he said there were 70 million illiterates in the Arab world! His view was that it was so easy to mislead them!

I quote from another website:
A person aged seven and above, who can both read and write with any understanding in any language, is treated as literate. As per 2001 Census, the overall literacy rate of India is 65.38%. The difference between the highest and the lowest literacy rate in India is very high. Kerala has the highest literacy rate which is 90.92 %, while Bihar has the lowest with 47.53 %.A

Not surprising that we have a larger population of illiterate people here in India. I remember a claim made by a friend during a discussion on India in Bangkok; 'Our Netas are not really serious about education'. His stand 'They want vote banks, more ignorant the voters, the better it is!The poorer they are, the more manageable they become!'

(I remember we used to have many serious discussions on India in Bangkok! We had answers and solutions for most of the Indian problems! I could call them as 'Drink Tanks' as it was usually over a glass of wine! God I miss the passion and heat of our discussions in Bangkok here in Bengaluru!

At my age I tend to get a little cynical, but I do hope that the video inspires people all over the world to act better. It is great to see this on TV in the Arab world! We need many such voices of sanity!)

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Sethu said...

Hi Nidhi,

Thanks. It was interesting to watch and see such a moderate view.

But as I watched it, was wondering if his view of the world was way too simplistic, almost naïve? Would have trouble striking a chord with muslim audiences?

Am going to send it to a close friend who is daodi Bohra Muslim, very moderate and ask him what he thinks.