Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our micropark has a new look! Will it last?

I blogged about our bigger problems! Population for example! The more I think about it the more troubled I feel. I was very young when the British were thrown out. But old enough to understand that we had freedom from subjugation and to hope that we were on our way to a glorious future.

Today I felt frustrated as I took a walk in our pretty micro park.

The older chairs have sunk in due to lack of proper foundation. Could be ignorance or carelessness!
Seem to have got it right later! The foundations are visible.
These prettier chairs were installed a few months back. It felt good! But if you look closely, you will notice that the foundation is already sinking. We never seem to learn!

Actually no big deal and I would not have been so badly affected and angered, if it is not for the reason that a newly made wall collapsed recently and bright young girl Sanjana lost her life. Today's report said the absence of weep holes led to wall collapse. But the parents and friends are still weeping! The same careless attitude on a much larger scale is apparent here.

I am not negative about India. We have made progress at the same time we also have lost our way. Many scholars and experts have studied and written about India and have offered solutions with all sincerity. But something is missing! Will we be able to contain the asuras (devils) as Mouli calls them? Hope so!


Anonymous said...

According to Star News, Arjun Singh took 3 crores from Union Carbide. How much did the builders of the wall that collapsed make??


srinidhi said...

Hi Varsha
That was very fast! I guess the same amount as Arjun Singh as the project was for 12 crores. Then of course the officialdom would have their share. Obviously all this comes out of short cuts in design and in the making!

N L Sriram said...

I'm actually pleasantly surprised that there are benches for people to sit on, and that they haven't been stolen or defaced as yet! There is absolutely no respect for public spaces or property, and I'm sure that going after the vandals is the lowest priority for the police.

srinidhi said...

Quick response! As I said there are improvements. The parks are better maintained due to RWA's (resident welfare associations). Still you can see the age old callous behaviour prevalent all over. No idea how this can be changed!