Saturday, October 23, 2010

While browsing for 'good news' in TOI/ Bangalore Mirror

Why would this be good news for us in India? I am sure the same idea will hit most of us.
We can export our netas who are experts in swinging from one party to another!

This will please all secular minded people. Debarring students may be a bit extreme.
Then I wonder about the quality of our examiners who seem to be so easily influenced.

This was really good news. Amazing work by a single social worker. Then more good news the next day. Hundreds who read about her work, called her and offered to help.

This is really inspiring!
Then again do we need the supreme court to tell us this?

What we were hoping to discover for a long time.
But should not make us more careless and stop saving the environment.

This should make us proud and we could walk taller!

I forgot why this is good news! Oh yes, I thought we could save on Saris.
Tara corrected me in no time! These dresses are quite pricey, saris would be cheaper and also too much work to keep this fit! Oh well!

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