Thursday, November 25, 2010

End of Kaliyug?

The newspapers are full of such bad news.

News about scams, traffic accidents, accidents caused by negligence, crime and so on and so forth hit your eye as you glance at a newspaper. The list is endless and I feel bad to add to this gloom by writing about them in my blogs.

While it is more than an year since my return, I am still not used to the speed at which these stories pop up. The frequency is amazing. Almost a scandal a day. On some days there are more than one fighting for space in the papers. The TV channels which revel in such news have a great time and manage to frustrate us even further with their endless debates which offer no real solutions! But it is not all bad! There are also some inspiring stories but you have to look for them as they are hidden in some corner of the papers.

Finally, I am also able to give some hope! I was with my golfing friends at the club for lunch and soon the conversation turned towards corruption. John Pinto who is full of anecdotes and stories gave us some interesting stories from the past about corruption in high places! Srihari reacted with 'These corrupt fellows must be put behind bars!' Shivkumar who edits and publishes a Kannada humor mag 'Aparanaji' said he had written about corruption for its December issue and I could read about it.

'But is there an end to it?' I asked. He said: 'It is something that is in our genes and has been there for centuries'. (We have heard this before!) and then what Shiv said took my breath away. 'Yes it is happening, corruption will end but will take a couple of centuries' and announced that 'Kaliyug has ended and Satya yug has begun'.

I first thought he was just pulling my leg but realised that he was serious. He visits the interiors as a member of the Agastya Foundation (Both Srihari and Shivkumar are with the foundation) and interacts with teachers and students and has seen positive changes in the countryside.

He argues that people are acting against corruption and are exposing corrupt people and this has never happened before in such a scale. News paper write about corruption, people go to court with proof obtained by them as a right (Right To Information). Some have even died while going after corrupt practices but this has not stopped other people.

I hope he is right and we are into Satya Yuga. Interesting to read about it and the Mayan prophecies for 21-12-2012.


Anonymous said...

The well-heeled retired middle class having a good time(God Bless them!) talking over lunch in golf clubs has many illusions ! This is one of them.

I am not sure of the depth of your perception about "abandoned India"

This superstitious friend of yours talking about Satya Yug lives in a delusionary comfort world.

Etymology of the word corrupt is "fragmented".

Kesari said...

The 11th Avatar who will appear in the age of Sathya yug (if Shiv is right), I'm sure will be a dictator. I very vividly remember the days of the 'Emergency'. Govt. servants would all come in time and none would dare disappear for coffee soon after reporting for work. Things did move then without having to apply grease to make them move smoothly. I'm not squeaky clean myself and have a lot of skeletons in my cupboard. I too have sinned by bribing, which is the same in the eyes of the law as accepting bribes :) But what the hell ! One has got to live.
It is only the fear of punishment that makes us Indians obey rules. (No traffic constable to note down your number ? - all hell breaks loose even at a signal-controlled crossing ! ) The 'Emergency' had a lot of plus points, but unfortunately it had to be repealed due to the excesses of Sanjay. Corruption in our country will reduce only when the law catches up with it's breakers and justice is meted out swiftly and effectively (like in the USA).

The etymology of corrupt is 'fragmented' ? I've googled for it and nowhere does it say so. 'Anonymous' must be a computer guy having to deal with 'corrupted' files on hard disks :D

VATSALA said...

Are we clutching at straws? Satyuga and Ram Rajya are within ourselves.We need to put in our bit and allow events to develop on their own. Take things as they come and as you progress along time all past Yugas appear as`Satyuga. I am sure we will not appreciate the change when it comes. After all we even bribe Gods to assist us on our way. So, is human corruption so surprising?

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