Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Living in a bubble!

I posted some pictures of a gated community on FB. Then I thought it could also be a blog. The pictures were taken at various times of the day.

Living in a gated community is educative in its own way. It is quiet, cars are driven slowly and kids run around freely. There is a community feeling and it feels secure.

It reminded me of my days as a kid when my parents moved in to a new extension of the city. Not gated! But we felt secure as there were no speeding vehicles. We played cricket on the streets. In most houses grandparents would keep an eye on us. Not that we wanted to be secure this way. It deterred us from our monkey tricks of climbing trees and so on.

This has changed now as most of the new extensions, excepting such gated communities, are poorly planned with no space for children to play. This I feel is the biggest tragedy. Every child has a right to this secure feeling of playing and running around without a fear. I believe we have lost it as a nation.

It was during Deepavali, the festival of lights!

Some of the families went overboard with the crackers, but it was a delight to watch. Especially for the many expat children.

This is an interesting story. The residents have a tradition pooling strings of crackers from each house and creating a long chain, which one of the boys claimed was a record. As the crackers went bang-bang it felt like being in the midst of a war zone.

This went on for twenty odd minutes. More than 100,000 crackers were burst non stop.

The place was cleaned up the very next day! Very impressive.

Babies on Strollers

The vigilant security.

Electric fence, I am not sure how this works.

It is time for the children to return from schools.

They are invariably received by parents or someone from the household.

This driver was getting bored and is looking for company.

The place is next to impressive office buildings.

It appears calm all the time.

Some drivers come in their own vehicles. I remember a few drivers in Bangkok would come in their cars to work!

A few of the maids have uniforms!

The drivers have a chat as they wait for their bosses.

This car is special. Its registration number is '1'. Usually reserved for VVIP's

This street is not in a gated community! But I am sure with some imagination and cooperation between authorities and residents we can give space back to the children to play and run around in many of the residential areas.


rohini said...

Also very importantly no stray dogs were around. If the kids have to go to another bldg to play they have to pass 5-6 strays.

Everybody keeps their own space safe and clean but just step out and its literally dog eat dog world! the concept of safe & well maintained civic spaces is unfortunately not there.

srinidhi said...

A very valid point!