Monday, March 14, 2011

The essence of what we are!

It seems I just step out of my house and I see the essence of Bengaluru. Its casual and arbitrary ways! It is only last week I blogged about the improvements planned for the footpaths in Kumarapark West.

Here is the first step, a small trough to collect water. You can see the cement is still wet! The trees now have a better chance of survival. The rain god or even a concerned citizen could take care!

But this morning I was in for a shock! One of the trees is gone. The deed was done on the weekend! I cannot imagine how or why this tree was a threat. But now it is gone, it will make nice parking slot between the two gates!

The granite slabs which were removed are still lying around and the cemented skirting is not even complete!

Then I saw this tree on the opposite footpath. As I do not see a well around it, probably this was the chosen one to go! Case of mistaken identity? Or may be they just forgot or the time was up for the day! I will ask around and hopefully I will see the logic behind all this!

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rohini said...

tragic! always feel so sad to see a tree cut down, what were they thinking!