Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A temple my mother liked.

We were at this temple as my sister Latha had arranged a pooja on my mother's anniversary day. We were there right on time for the maha mangala aarthi, but as it was Shivaratri , we were told the aarthi would be delayed by two hours. A special pooja was being performed for Vinayaka installed next to Venkateshwara.

Even though I complain about the microsecond darshan an average devotee is allowed in Tirupathi, I was not too sure I wanted to be sitting in front of the well made replica for the next two hours. But I left it to my sister and brother in law. They said: 'Let us wait having come all the way'.

This delay set me thinking. I would have surely have walked out grumbling if I were with my mother. Then 'why was I here?' I wondered. 'How did it matter now whether I stayed or not'. I suppose it is in such moments, we imagine things. That somehow she would know that I stayed on at the temple and would be pleased.

We also let the mind take flight and convince ourselves that things are really possible. She wanted to be born as a boy in her next life, in a well to do family with a doting father, she lost her father as a baby, who would spoil her silly. I really hope so.

The aarthi was very impressive and grand. It was worth the wait. On an other note here are a few pictures out of cell phone which would have pleased her. I had forgotten my camera but then I saw photography is not allowed. I sneaked in a few pictures out of my cell phone just to pass time. Not of the deity! I wanted to obey rules.

The silver door would have sent her into raptures. She would bless the 'Punyathmas' for their contribution and devotion

She would be focusing on the idol while I would be looking at the hundi and the ugly blue board.

While she would be impressed with the door

I would notice the advertisement!

The humble hanuman in the garden.

While I would look at the unmatched flooring

She would appreciate the facility. A place to break coconuts.
I would ask her 'why waste the water', she would say 'you cannot drink it because the coconut has to be offered to god first'!

She would surely admire this modern yaaga center, with its exhaust.

I did not see anyone using it. Did not try it myself as I was afraid the machine would swallow the note and not give me coins!

A sleek modern Hundi on wheels.

The traditional hundi. I counted eight such hundis all around the temple.

She would appreciate the steps with the railings while I would say 'what a waste of space'.

While I would react to the gaudy painting, she would notice the number of devotees who donated. I guess she is right, the numbers do count!


rama said...

A delightfully sensitive side of you,,,hmm!

srinidhi said...

Thanks! That is special coming from you.

rajini said...

i remember the puja she did in my friends house. She really had an eye for details and transformed the whole atmosphere. She was really an amazing person.

srinidhi said...

Thanks Dolly. I guess you are referring to Tara's mother:-). Time for Tara to write a blog about her mother!

N L Sriram said...

Shakuntala was definitely very big on temples, could see her engrossed in the rituals and such.

Arunabha said...

Perhaps I enjoyed this post the most out of your recent ones thanks to its simplicity and honesty. It comes straight from the heart and touches the core of the inner self.

Anonymous said...

Appa, I often wonder how you were so patient through your differences. Beautiful post!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nidhi uncle,

A beautiful article of a son and his mother... Someday Avi might have a few notes to share too!


srinidhi said...

Hi Mohini
That was very sweet! I am sure Avi will have many wonderful memories of Bonding with his mother.

srinidhi said...

Dear Arunabha
Many thanks for your sensitive comment. I thought I had responded earlier!

You are right. My blog should be only this.

I began writing small notes to nears and dears on e-mail and Rohini put it into a blog for me and I am enjoying this method of communicating!

Thanks again