Saturday, April 9, 2011

Euphoria continues!

I was at the Freedom Park yesterday!

The main ingredients of the resurgent India were on display. The media and Cricket!

And of course Music!
In my previous blog I spoke about the Euphoria after the world cup victory hoping that the sense of unity we saw would persist and had suggested practical but tongue-in-cheek solutions for India to start with a new slate, especially as India had faced a slew of mega corruption scams recently.

Surely many would have had similar thoughts but young Anna Hazare (I am a bit older than him!) seized the moment! I thought it was a very smart move and the result belied all my expectations!

As expected there were the dreamers, the curious onlookers, those who tried to be part of the 'Anna' wave at the Freedom park. I also overheard one sceptic couple talking to each other, who said 'Enu agolla' (Nothing will happen!). I leave it to the pundits to tell us where it will take us from here! Anyway it is time to be optimistic as anything else is too depressing!

They call it the second freedom. I was just nine at the first, too small to react intellectually, but vividly remember the emotions it created. The disillusionment crept in slowly and in stages. While there is a lot written about this period, I recall a few conversations that have stayed.

Years ago as I went around Delhi as a tourist, I asked my guide what he thought of the changes in Delhi after the British quit. Our guide said 'Kuch nahi badala! Woh log gaye aur yeh log ghusse', as he pointed at the ministers' homes. (Nothing changed! They went and these sneaked in!)

I remember, still a kid, asking a senior civil servant at Delhi, very respectfully, how he managed the transition. He remarked with a smile 'We know how to take care of ourselves'.

I recall the wise ones, who cautioned the leaders of being vary of the corrupt and the criminal, some were the black marketeers during the world war, who had gone hiding into the woodwork after the independence would crawl back at an opportune time.

While I was keeping track of the movement on the FB and the media, I had not stepped out till yesterday to the venue here in Bengaluru. But thanks to Essmath, we were there and here are a few more pictures of the momentous occasion.

This group which joined the Anna wave soon realised or were requested to join sans their banners and flags! They complied. A very good sign!



VATSALA said...

Wonder why no comments. I am still sceptical. Rooting out corruption requires a change of heart and life style. When we learn to stand in a que and take our turn rather than buy it we will progress. I firmly believe the grass roots corruption is consumer driven. That cannot be solved by the LOkpal bill. After all the Lokpal will be selected by the government!

srinidhi said...

Raghu there is one comment from Chandramouli:
The neta, babu, lala,jhola,dada nexus ia very strong linked; with years of illgotten money here and overseas. protected by powerful lawyers corrupt judges police officers and criminals. Hazare and his lokpal will touch the tip of the iceberg; no law has changed dowry deaths, bonded labor, female infanticide and girls schooling. watch and see how the five asuras will kill the lokpal bill and make him/her a toothless tiger even before it starts off. remember over 150 of the mps and thousands of mla s have criminal records. mouli

VATSALA said...

Posting this comment after the initial euphoria is over. The way the Establishment (Upper Case E intended)has hit back shows how strong the continuity from the colonial era is. Let usee how this progresses