Sunday, April 3, 2011

While the euphoria lasts

It has been a while since I blogged. No real reason. May be the world cup fever! It was a heady feeling to watch the world cup final! The start was unbelievable and for some reason I missed the pasting we got in the last five overs. I am glad as I hate to see our bowlers being clobbered.

All the good work done by Zaheer was almost neutralized in those five overs. I believe he should have shared the "Man of the tournament" with Yuvaraj. But such things are not possible in today's competitive sport. We need icons.

Later, watched the game at a club for a short while and when the second Indian wicket fell it was a serious moment but suddenly about a dozen kids started shouting 'Jeetega, Jeetega India Jeetega!' I loved their enthusiasm and innocent optimism.

While the media is still euphoric and the whole country of 1.21 billion is still celebrating as one, my thoughts turned as innocent as those of the cheering children! If a team of 15 players could unite and work as a team and make the whole country deliriously happy, imagine what could be achieved if our netas worked on a common agenda of doing good for the country?

Probably we could continue the euphoria and the sense of one country by forgetting and forgiving the recent scams and starting with a new slate. We could think of declaring an amnesty for corrupt politicians, officials and business men. We could start with all the 'A' category of corruption to start with. The modalities could be worked out. It should not be impossible. If we can win a world cup we can do anything! Afterall all Indians are brilliant.

For starters, we could ask the major players to bring back the black money, which is hidden all over, no question asked. Even if they wanted to keep their identity a secret, it is OK. They could arrange to drop the money in the large hundies of various big religious places. We could ask these religious organizations to just pay a tax on the monies received. The government, I guess will have enough and more to pour into infrastructure and so on.

The money retained by the places of religion can be used by them to alleviate abject poverty and on education immediately. After all the religious organizations are interested in uplifting humans! Giving material comfort to poor is part of doing good karma and getting punya (merit) and going to heaven and avoiding rebirth and so on.

I hope my innocent dream does come true and India and Indians will be the envy of the whole world! A super duper country with super humans!

Having reached the age where one thinks of afterlife, I will surely use the rest of my life to try and ensure a rebirth in this rejuvenated India. With enough merit I probably can even hope of being part of an IPL team.


NSM said...

Utopia ?

srinidhi said...

Mohan, glad you chose English to comment! You would have said 'Peddappa' (foolish!) if you had chosen Kannada!

Lakshminarayan said...

Hi Nidhi, I have not been reading your blogs for quite a while. However thanks to the wait in the airports gave me a chance to do so,
I could not agree less that if 15 guys ( as a matter of fact 11! as other 4 are normally forgotten) could get 68 million viewers (TV trp)committed, there is hope that we as a nation can find a cause and unite! hope it will not be war between nations but corruption against some netas or indian.
Keep blogging for me to catch up in my secondary retirement.

R K Ghosh said...

Dear Sri Srinidhi,

Enjoyed your blog thoroughly.

All of us saw the match at the apartment of Meghana and Arunabha. Our grand children were shouting themselves hoarse with Jeetega Jeetega India Jeetega!

My best wishes for your IPL ambition on the condition you include me in your team.

With regards,
R K Ghosh

srinidhi said...

Hi Lakshmi
It was amazing to get comments from very unexpected quarters. you and Mr.Ghosh:-)

Motivates me to keep writing.

I am sure many have similar dreams and expectations! Let us keep hoping.