Monday, May 9, 2011

About people who care!

This is the third time Tara and Desimagik have come together to do a charity show! The first was for Pakinson's Disease Society of Karnataka. The other two have been in aid of Socare Ind. After the very successful first concert for PDSK, they wanted to do one more. Tara knew of Socare as her father donates for a day's breakfast and lunch for the resident children on her mothers' anniversary.

Tara visited Socare to learn more and was inspired by the work done by them. The story of Socare is fascinating which can be read at their website. While she could not meet Mr. Mani at that time, he was in the hospital for a treatment, Tara and Rajini went ahead and held a concert last year in their aid and were able to collect Rs. 45,000. It was an unexpected windfall for Socare.

This year it was a bit different, Mr. Mani was able to participate. His simple speech was inspiring and it touched a donor so much that tears welled up in her eyes as she spoke about the impact of seeing Mr. Mani and hearing him speak. Donations were a little better and they were able to collect Rs. 51,000. I have a feeling that more may donate later as they are now aware of the organisation and have seen the frail old gentleman who has devoted his life to the organisation he has founded.

It seems Mr. Mani is so enthused with the way the program was organised and conducted, he has dreams of doing it in a much bigger scale. I hope it does happen and the organisation is able to collect much more. But there are many issues to be tackled before this can happen. There is a lot to think about as going bigger is very different from what it is now.

At the moment Tara and Rajini operate in a much smaller way. The air conditioned auditorium can accomadate about 120. I guess they contact about 100 families. So far the shows have been house full. The passes are actually priced low considering the quality of the program.

The entry passes mostly cover costs and the real contributions come by way of donations. The idea is to entertain the audience and make them aware of organisations which care about people with problems. Many who attend are repeaters. I guess they like bollywood music and as friends and colleagues are ready to pitch in. It is very challenging to enthuse the same set of people who participate. The artists Satish, Smriti and Nachiket try do things differently each time and they do a good job!

The way Tara operates is to talk to people she knows and get telephone contact of their friends and relatives and call them. I guess she makes about 500 -600 calls. Once, to tell them about it, next to ask them if they will come and last to thank them or ask them why they could not make it. Plus she practices with the group as she also loves to sing. Especially with this very talented and energetic young group.

However, it is my pleasure to acknowledge the hard work and commitiment shown by so many people. The persons like Mr. Mani and our own Mayura of PDSK who identify causes, people like Tara and Rajini, who try to help by organising charity shows and the young artists who give their time for such a good cause.

Mr.Mani of Socare

The children from Socare show case their art.

Smriti with Tara

Very staunch supporters Lakshminarayan and Raji on stage.

Satish and Smriti

Nachiket in his inmitable style

Satish with the audience


rajini said...

it was one of the best programs we have done. Tara sang soooo well!!! Great to have a jam packed audience some even sitting on the steps. Kudos to Tara and Desimagik...true example of team effort...


srinidhi said...

Thanks Dolly. Here is wishing Desimagik a great future and more such programs.

Rama Gopinath said...

Kudos to Tara for all her enthusiasm and hardwork. What a gal.


srinidhi said...

Thanks Rama. Nice to see it first thing in the morning:-)

Rohini said...

Congratulations! Great job Amma & Desimagik!