Monday, May 16, 2011

I am tempted to take sanyas.

I meant giving up on computers! Years ago I found out that Sanyas means retire in Hindi ! That is another story.

Just before I left for Bkk, my computer displayed a blue screen which meant danger! A techie came home to restart the computer but all the data on C: drive went missing. I know that disciplined users only save programs on C, but I had let most pictures and some folders occupy the C drive as at some point of time I forgot all about the partitioned D:

Eventhough I have an external drive, for some reason could not get it working in Bangalore and was too lazy to seek help! So it meant I had lost almost all the pictures uploaded in the last two years. Not really a big loss! Except I post some of them on my blog.

On my return I found out that the techie had replaced my hard disc drive and was also suspecting that the mother board would pack up any time. So the saga continued. My first computer was an assembled one and it failed in about 2 years! The next, made in Thailand, did a little better but packed up before I left for Bangalore. It did have a transplant of a hard disc drive earlier but when the mother board failed I was advised to go for a new computer! I bought a branded one this time and may be the reason I got a little careless.

Being a victim of failed hard disc drives over time, I do not store anything important on my computer. Also I blame all my earlier problems on a conflict of interest! I was a manufacturing engineer and a mechanical one at that. I thought no wonder all the electrical and electronic products fail on me and computer virus attack! But this time the techie said that the failure could be due to too much dust in the computer, thus a mechanical reason! While I am not jinxed anymore the end result seem to be the same. Hence my serious thoughts on taking a sanyas.

Not easy as a few are kind to tell me when we meet that they read and enjoy my blogs, eventhough they do not make a comment. Then out of the blue a comment from an unknown person appears and it feels even more worthwhile! Just one person out of the 7 billion makes a nice comment and it feels worthwhile to continue blogging! It is a hard decision but I may be forced in case the new hard disc goes the way of the others!

I also get paranoid when I think that most of our life is now dictated by computers! I keep hearing that systems are down and no one explains exactly what happens, I am sure many science fiction stories are written based on the day the internet goes haywire all over the world, possibly due to an alien invasion! Could be worth a blog!.

There you go:-)


sethu said...

Hey Nidhi,

Thought I should comment to keep your enthu going... Maybe you should get an ipad. Will be cool and i hear more reliable.

The Narasimhans said...

Dear Nidhi Mama,

Try investing in an Apple Mac (iPad 2) this time as Apple introduced iCloud storage (meaning your data is stored across the world wherever you travel). As it is Mac is not prone to hard disk crashes and virus attacks as the operating system is robust. Yes, it is expensive though, but worth the photos and videos you take. :)

Hope this helps.

- Narasimhans

srinidhi said...

Hi Sethu, Narsimhan
Thanks for the comment and the advice to encourage me!
Even Tara said I told you so. She wanted me to buy an Apple computer.
Probably I will do that mean time Nandini has given me a Dell which is working for the moment.

ramasamy said...

Dear Srinidhi
Only once our IBM Laptop mother bd has gone kaput. I also do not back up although I am aware it is the right thing to do. Just afew days ago I have bought a storage device and shall copy the more important Docs. I have given up on storing and retrieving Pics. We seem to be preoccupied with daily chores and there no time to access the Archives. Did you restart Yoga in Blore. Will be arr. July 3rd in Blore. Will you be in town?
Regards. Prasad

Prakash Kamath said...

Since you are already e-mailing the link to all blogs to all relatives and friends why dont you just mail the blog itself and let 'hotmail' or 'yahoo' or 'gmail' 'save' it for you. You can create a folder in your e-mail account for the blogs sent from time to time.

This will mean that when your next hard drive crashes everything worth saving is in your e-mail account. You need not buy an Apple iPad and learn how to use it.