Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ayesha Nizar Wedding.

The wedding was a visual delight with many moments to cherish. There was music, dance, glamour and an amazing variety of food!

You could also dwell upon its larger dimensions. Ayesha is of Indian origin and Nizar's parents are from Palestine and the two met in the US. Viji is from Bangalore and Khalid grew up in Bombay.

When I asked Viji to send me some pictures to see ourselves at the wedding, always a pleasure, as well use them for a blog, I did not expect to receive 7000 of them! Khalid was very helpful in suggesting: 'Stop the slide show and copy the picture you want!'.

It was a tough task as many many of them are absolutely fabulous. I had set a target of using just one percent of them and stuck to it. I hope I have been able to give you a glimpse of the wonderful time we had.

To me this was the defining moment, a daughter overwhelmed by the love and care she has received all her life and especially the support she received now.

There were many good speeches at the wedding and I had thought the speech Nizar's mother gave earlier at the sangeet was one of the best I have heard from a parent, but Ayesha was no less and just blew me away. It was special.


Another significant moment was the wedding the day before! It was artistic at the same time simple and deeply moving. I have no way of comparison as this was the first Nikah we attended

The bride and later the groom walked through this avenue and so did we! Just walking through transported us to a different world.

While the chanting by the men sounded almost vedic the shrill sounds made by the women to ward off evil was different.

The pavilion was breathtaking

While we wait

Viji helps Ayesha to settle down

Soon the both the families are seated

There was a brief introduction by the offciating Mullah about islamic weddings and ways. Then Nizar spoke to the father of the bride seeking permission to marry Ayesha and thus annouced to the world his love for her and his promise to cherish and take her of her.

Nizar is pensive as Khalid speaks to Ayesha recommending that she accepts his proposal

And she says 'I accept'.

Nizar crosses over the partition !

It was a moment where I am sure every eye was moist as mine was!

They sign a register and they are married!

The day prior to the wedding was mehendi time and also for singing and dancing

We went on a river cruise

Glimpses of the Sangeet. There were speeches and exhibition of talent from both parties and all were winners:-)

The mehendi begins at home.


Marisa said...

What a beautiful write up and beautiful pictures. I only saw part of it and it was a very touching wedding.

Mukti said...

beautiful pics...

Mohini said...

Hi Nidhi Uncle,

The pictures are amazing and Ayesha looks absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing;