Friday, December 9, 2011

My fashion statement.

Last week while at the golf course, I noticed Ram looking at my shoes with an expression which said 'What kind of shoes are these?' To be honest they look terrible!
My Designer shoes

Here is the story why my shoes have this strange look: The shoes were brown to begin with.
Being in a rush one early morning I used black polish instead of  brown. As I soon as I realised my mistake I applied black allover, hoping that it would take the middle path become dark brown. I remember we used to have only brown and black shoes when young and I guess dark brown was invented only to help chaps like me! Anyway it did not work and the shoes have splotches of black on a brown back ground. They are my best golf  shoes, very comfortable and so what the heck!

I call them 'Manufacturing defect.
Then the lace broke and I went to the shop and bought lace with same diameter as earlier. But I had picked up much a shorter boy's laces, actually the shop keeper gave me a strange look, but kept his counsel. Did not check it till it was time to leave for my game in the morning and discovered my mistake. Too early for the shops to be open. So I had to use alternative holes in the shoe to make it work. In fact, it is good value engineering as we save 50% of the thread in the new style. I know  I will get around to it and change the lace, but I have decided to live with my discolored shoes as long as they last. In any case Ram thought it was a new style!

While on the subject, take a look at these slippers.
 I call them 'The manufacturing defect'!

They are neither shoes nor slippers. My guess is that the company produced a batch of shoes with a defective heel and a value engineer  redesigned the shoes to salvage them. In any case, they do not come any cheaper and use less leather!

I just noticed  a layer of dust on my slippers. I took the picture after my walk! Time for Cherry Blossom co. to invent a 'Bangalore Brown' shoe polish.  Will avoid being told 'Your slippers are dirty, wipe them!'  In Bangalore it is a no-win situation for a fellow who likes to walk. Dust is inevitable!


N L Sriram said...

I have no idea who came up with the open back shoes, with no grip in the front either, but that person ought to be shot!


Dear Nidhi,
Back last night. Saw your blog. Amused by the first part. You may try cleaning the black polish off using spirit and the apply neutral polish followed by dark tan! or better still continue using the shoes and polish regularly using dark tan till either the colour restores or the shoe wears away!