Wednesday, June 17, 2009

as I fly into bengaluru!

I thought let me start writing when my memory is still fresh! This is busy times in the internet cafe. There are two computers in my booth. We share a bench and today there is a family of 3 at the other computer, so I am a little cramped as the son is on the net on behalf of the parents! There is also a lot of discussions and the laguage is probably Rajasthani! Not the right atmosphere for any inspired blogging!

Two things happened which I think I should record: One was that the steward just vanished with a 'wait a minute', when I asked him for a blanket! This is the second time that I have been unhappy with the Thai stewards. Last time it was ruder fellow who directed me to a toilet at the other end of our enclosure, while the Business class toilet was just one step away and he was not nice about it. I looked for 'reserved for business class only' sign and did not see any such sign. Luckily Thai girls are nicer and one of them went into the Business class area and got me a blanket. Business class blankets are as I am sure you would guess nicer and larger, so Tara and I could comfortably share it!

The other incident gave me some kind of malicious satisfaction. There was this very smartly dressed girl who sort of pushed thru all of us as we waited for the doors to open after landing at the Bengaluru airport. We all know how agressive we need to be once we reach our beloved homeland. She was really agressive as she brushed past us. I wished, not really worth a prayer, that her luggage would come last! I realised that my wish was granted when I saw her waiting, flopped on the trolley frustration writ all over her face! I wanted to go and tell her serves you right but desisted!

I suppose I should stop as the discussions are happening all over the cafe, there is now one very vocal tamil and as I can understand her I cannot concentrate anymore!


Arunabha Ghosh said...

There's justice in this world! That was a hilarious story, one that many of us would have experienced at some point.

Aditi said...

I love the live commentary of this eventful little internet place! I hope we get more funny stories we all identify with! -Aditi

srinidhi said...

Hi Aditi
I forgot to add there was some kannada fm station playing as well, luckily not very loud!

Stories may be funny, but being a part of it is not always funny!

Asha said...

Hi Tara and Srinivas,

I missed meeting you both before you left Bangkok. I read your blog with great interest. Remembered the 'gruha pravesha' we had in Calcutta (Kolkata)where we also had to boil the milk and let it over flow,which I suppose is a sign of 'samridhi' - which probably means that you and your family will never go hungry for food in your new house and everything will be in plentiful.

I wish you all the best in your new appt and with lots of best wishes and good luck,

srinidhi said...

Dear Asha
Thanks for your comments and your explanation which I think is the universal one for us in India. Too bad we missed meeting, please do call us in case you visit Bengaluru. Tara 9663372169 and Nidhi 9663372179.