Thursday, June 25, 2009

The keys of the 'Queendom'

I think I read 'keys of the kingdom' ages ago. This story has no connection to that!

People who know Tara well will enjoy this. Tara I would say was like the royalty, she never carried a purse, if she could manage it and never stuck a bunch of keys to the dhabu in her lifetime so far. (Dhabu is the silverware which brides were expected to wear around their waist, I don't think she even has one. Frankly, she is now in desperate need for one! She has too many keys to manage to her liking! There are three for our apartment (We reduced it from four!) and three more for the second floor one, which we are now occupying till we sort out our possessions and reduce it to fit into our apartment!

In Bangkok she managed to walk out without a key as the maid was there during the week and during the weekend she depended on me as the bearer of the keys. She had one key for our cabinet which she used to hide in different places rather than carry it with her. I do not know what happened to the duplicate!

I liked the comment Gayathri made when she found our front door locked when she came to visit us after our luggage had been removed by the packers. She wondered about the logic of locked doors when the apartment was empty while she never found it locked when it was full of stuff!

Pune was no different, she was lucky that the bai was living just next door most of our stay and she had a key, or it would be our next door neighbours who would keep a key for her. Of course, there was a house key attached to the car keys. What I do remember is the number of duplicate keys I had to make!

Raji who knows more about the lost keys Pune than I do, will probably comment on this story and say; wait for a while, she will find a way!

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