Sunday, June 21, 2009

matter of mattresses!

Hi Aditi I liked your comment on the Internet cafe. I am enjoying the noise that is generated and often offices are run here by the users. Sometime it is funny when, probably a sales guy has no answers to the queries, which we do not hear, but he is constantly referring to a colleague for answers! Easier if the other person directly dealt with the customer! The other day the girl next to me was sounding very lovey dovey over the net in Malayalam and a pity I could not understand. Could have been a fun blog if I could eavesdrop! Today it was two irritating college girls chattering loudly and I almost said Shhhh...!

Anyway coming to the subject of this blog, we had taken a survey of things available in Bengaluru and decided that we will not bring in a refrigerator, a washing machine and a sofa set from Bangkok. Matter of mattress was debated and was not conclusive! We had used the same mattress for 21 years in Bangkok and were very happy with it. It was firm and supported us well! We seriously thought of purchasing the latest model from the same company from Bangkok, but when we were in Bengaluru in April we saw a mattress made by Kurlon and Tara liked it when she tried it. The mattress is a sandwich of spring, coir and and what they claimed was a foam with a memory!

As I blog I am trying to remember the name of the mattress without success ( I think it is Anamica!) and even the Kurlon website does not mention it in their list of products! Anyway we have been using it for a few days and are quite happy with it, It took some getting used to, before we could sleep comfortably.

I remember that the first night I had this eerie feeling that some one or something was hugging me however slightly. I was used to a support in a single plane of contact the last 21 years and here I was being supported as in a partially contoured mould made in the shape of my back!

I turned to my side and after a while the I had the same feeling on my arms and shoulder. I feel OK now but one may not be comfortable if one does not sleep in a cool room!

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